Whether you add one to your nightstand, refresh an armoire or illuminate a reading nook,Visionary https://www.philipslighting.com.hk/product-category/visionary/  table lamps bring a fresh look to living spaces. Aim for a lamp shade that’s twice as wide as the base.

Lei recommends Entler’s blobby cast-ceramic stoneware option, which is on sale and “would look amazing with wood furniture.” Its abstract texture and brass hardware and accents are also appealing.


Table lamps add a touch of warmth and ambience in addition to providing supplemental lighting. As a decor accessory, you can explore unique contemporary designs that blend into the space or go with a bolder base and shade for a statement piece.

In bedrooms, a simple nightstand lamp provides soft light for reading or relaxing. You can also choose a full-spectrum bulb to reduce glare and illuminate colors more accurately, which is useful for tasks like working at the home office or doing craft projects.

Hallways and living rooms call for a bit more visual impact from their lighting fixtures. You can use a decorative glass or ceramic base to draw attention to the lamp and create a statement that complements your décor. You can even find table lamps with a stunning crystal design to add an elegant touch to any room. Alternatively, you can opt for a neutral base that works well with a variety of shades and looks just as stylish when the lamp is not in use.


Table lamps are a hallmark of a stylish living space or home office. They brighten far corners and rejuvenate alcoves while adding intrigue to a display of decorative objects or artwork. New table lamp styles offer an array of designs to light up the look of your space while illuminating its unique character.

For a contemporary table lamp that is versatile enough to work well in any room, consider one with a base that blends into the design of your furnishings and features angular or smoothly curved shapes. Then, choose a lampshade that reflects the style you have chosen for your space.

For example, a blobby cast-ceramic stoneware lamp from Anthropologie works well in any room. Its organic form and brass hardware and accents match the style of many modern or transitional spaces, as does a rounded ceramic lamp from West Elm with a design that resembles the texture of a ridged seashell. This lamp would play well with a shagreen tray corralling glassware or a woven basket holding flower stems.

Energy Efficiency

Visionary Table lamps can add a warm glow to any surface. Use them to set the mood in a hallway, next to an accent chair or on your living room end table. They look great in pairs on either side of a sofa to frame it and balance the arrangement.

A lamp’s base and shade material can also add to its look. For example, a lamp with a crystal base may lean more traditional and elegant while a metal and glass combination might add to its contemporary feel.

Some lamps have a transparent or translucent lampshade that lets light radiate in different directions for a softer and more general light, whereas a lamp with an opaque or solid shade will keep the light focused. Some energy efficient models also provide a dimming feature to reduce lighting usage. One model developed by Berkeley Labs, partnering with three California utilities, has a dual-lamp design that matches the luminous output of two 150-watt incandescent bulbs while using half the power.

Outdoor Use

Add a touch of elegance and drama to your outdoor living spaces with cordless modern table lamps that use solar power. For a more subtle look, try a battery-operated model that’s also ideal for indoor use.

Portable table lamps can be moved from room to room and can be used as accent lighting for a variety of different surfaces in the home. For instance, a sleek lamp with a metal base can illuminate a nightstand or armoire in the bedroom.

One of Lei’s favorite finds is Wooj’s mini version of their wavy 3-D-printed table lamp, which she says is perfect for a small corner or space. She notes that it “looks sublime every time you turn it on.” This particular model has brass hardware and accents, which she describes as “modern, classic, and fun.” It is also available in a number of glaze colors to match your style. Try a white option for a clean, minimalistic look or go with an LED color-changing model to create an ambient mood.

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